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Hvar, Croatia

The island of Hvar, also known as Croatia´s sunniest island, is the crown-jewel of the Dalmatian islands. With more than 2700 hours of sun per year, and due to its location at the center of the Adriatic sailing routes, it has been inhabited since pre-historic times and is now a tourist Mecca of the Mediterranean. The island is known for its green setting, extraordinary beauty and the harmonious combination of small towns, hillsides coved in pine forest and cultivated areas with vineyards, olive groves, orchards and lavender fields.

The Town of Hvar is the largest settlement on the island. Centuries have ground its stone and shaped its appearance. Hvar is proud to present its visitors with one of the oldest municipal theatres in Europe. The town is one of Croatia´s trendiest summer destinations.

Tourist link: https://www.hvarinfo.com/

Hvar Town

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